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Phi Sigma Kappa is a national fraternity founded in 1873 by 6 Sophomore students at Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst - now the University of Massachusetts. More about our founding history can be learned by clicking here. The local Phi Sig chapter at Cal State University in Fullerton, Iota Pentaton, was inducted into the national in 1965. Prior to that, the Phi Sigs had been a "local" fraternity known as "the Delts" - originally formed in 19??.

By the time the Iota Pentaton chapter was inducted, the Greek community at Cal State Fullerton, or CSF as it was known at the time, was growing rapidly and would continue to exert a strong influence on the social fabric of the University to the present day.

The original Phi Sig fraternity house was located at the corner of State College Blvd. and Yorba Linda Blvd - immediately to the north of the CSF campus. The house had a big garage that had been converted to party/sleeping quarters - depending upon your level of consciousness - and resembled a large barn. It had become the center of social life for a big percentage of the more outgoing student population and was later referred to, after the movie that appeared to be modeled from it - as the "Animal House."

This website is based upon the Brothers and events that transpired around this house and the campus, in the late 1960s.

NOTE TO BROTHERS. Please add to this page, via e-mails to me, and note any corrections as required. For instance, I don't recall when "the Delts" were formed, as we were before we became Phi Sigs. Also - are there any photographs out there of the house, any of our parties (Thursday Night Parties)? Do you have any anectdotes that you'd care to share? Funny stories about party incidents, RFs that went wrong - or came off perfectly, romantic laisons with unexpected endings, etc.
This is not the official website of Phi Sigma Kappa. It's not even the official website of the Phi Sigs at CSUF. In fact, there's nothing very official about it at all. The function of this website is to act as a hub for those fraternity brothers aggregating in and around the original Animal House off State College Blvd. in Fullerton, California, during the years from (approximately) 1965 through 1971. At that time, we were a new chapter of the national Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and consisted of legacy Actives and the alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and epsilon pledge classes. If you're a Phi Sig that came after this period - that's fine. You're welcome too... if you're not worried about your reputation. These were great years. We were bonded by a common set of goals... to remain on campus, to party hard, to avoid the draft, and to eventually graduate. Most of us achieved 3 out of 4.  

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